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Whether it's a high end Exotic or your everyday daily driver, it's important your car is serviced correctly and as

High End Detailing

From a proper two bucket method hand wash to paint corrections and ceramic coatings, we got you covered!

From a basic interior vac to intense steam cleaning and ozone treatments, we can handle jobs of all sizes!


We can help to make your car stand out of the crowd! We got you covered from exterior to interior and even performance modifications to make your vehicle one of a kind!

Tires & Alignments & Road Force Balancing

From a safe touch less tire installation ensuring no scratches or damages to your wheel, to full 4 wheel alignments to full hunter road force balancing


If there's one thing that is a must do after having your car detailed or modified, or even just in general, it's to photograph your prized possession so you can post it up on the forums or share on your instagram! We specialize in automotive photography and have recognition from top brands such as bmw, jaguar, and more!

Clients About Us

Matt K.
“Exotic auto does it all. Very pleased with their communication, honesty, and professionalism! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have anything done to their car.”
Rushabh S.
“Recently bought a Honda Accord from exotic auto and it was an amazing experience! All the best to Paulie and thank you for the great experience!”
Brandon K.
"This was one of the best experiences I've had with a car repair place! Paul and his crew we're kind, professional and understanding during the whole process. They worked with me and kept me in the loop from start to finish. "
Molly B.
“I went in to Exotic Auto yesterday, March 3rd because of a last minute emergency I needed fixed...the amazing service at Exotic saw to my problem right away, and charged me a very reasonable amount. Very very friendly family owned service"'
Sarah M.
"Able to schedule me quickly! Very good communication both over the phone and through text. Most importantly of course they did an excellent job detailing my car, which was a mess thanks to my lovely 3 and 2 year olds!"
Peter S.
“Great people, great service. Love the attention to details and prices were very good. I would use their service over and over again.”
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